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Acehnese Embroidery

Aceh (pronounced Ah-Chey), Indonesia is found on Sumatra, the largest and western-most island of Indonesia. Indonesia is a large archipelago of over 18,000 islands. Culturally each island has evolved in its own unique way resulting in a dramatic diversity of traditional fashion and art.

Decorative embroidery is a traditional art form the Aceh region of the island of Sumatra. From everyday attire to ceremonial and wedding clothing, the Acehnese have perfected the design of intricate needlework. The designs you will find adorning our products find their roots in the 16th century when embroidery with gold thread was popular. Learn about some of the designs on our purses and luggage:

Empat Tradisi

A tessellated artistic decoration that is featured in many of our bags. This traditional motif is embroidered in many variations that feature four diagonal 'lines' as the base for the pattern.

Pintu Aceh

Pintu Aceh is the palace gate to a pleasure garden built in the 1700's by Sultan Iskandar Muda for his wife, a Malay princess. Today this symbol represents the 'heart of the Acehnese people'.

Gayo Tradisi

A pattern featuring Gayonese symbols and designs in traditional colors. The colors in this embroidery are always used in traditional Acehnese clothing. The Gayo region is in the Sumatran highlands.

Each item in our store is a one of a kind handcrafted work of art. The women artisans in Aceh, Indonesia hand embroider each piece with a mix of traditional and modern motifs. Items are hand constructed from the freehand embroidered designs to the choice of hardware and final assembly of the item.

When you place a bag in your cart, you will get the very item shown in the photograph next to the “Add to Cart” button. All photographs in our store can be clicked on to see a larger view.