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A Declaration of Conscience about Paying for War

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A Declaration of Conscience about Paying for War with guidance for writing a statement of conscience is an 8 minute video to use with discussion or working groups to learn about the Declaration of Conscience and organize writing statements of conscience to join us in signing the Declaration.

The Chapters include:

  • The Declaration of Conscience
  • Activities for Writing a Statement of Conscience
  • Reflect on a Couple Simple Ideas
  • Sit Quietly and Listen to Your Own Conscience
  • Speak to Three Questions
  • Write a Statement of Conscience
  • Sign the Declaration of Conscience

Produced By: Pamela Susan Hawkins
Written and Edited By: Nadine C. Hoover
Language: English
Type: DVD
Length: 8 Minutes                            
Funded in part by:  National Endowment for the Arts The Media Foundation, Inc.
Sponsored by:  Institute for Electronic Arts, NYSCC, Alfred University Rochester Friends Meeting Religious Society of Friends