Empowering People
Connecting Communities

Justice for the Long Haul

For teens and adults working for peace and racial justice.

An Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop series.

Experiential & Interactive • Please plan to attend all sessions.

Advanced registration required:: Request schedule and registration at info@consciencestudio.com

Part 1: Transforming Power$60
Transforming Power is a prerequisite for the other special topic sessions.
Part 2: Self-Reflection &: Empathy$40
Part 3: Trauma Resiliency$40
Part 4: Communities of Conscience$40
Part 5: Liberation from Oppression$40
Part 6: Discernment$40
Part 7: Companions & Gatherings$40
Subscription for Seven Parts$240

Pay as you're able at the Donate button above

Do not stay away for lack of funds · additional donations welcome

English language • non-English speakers bring your own interpreter

Please prepare your own device with Zoom 5.3, 2.5 Mbps internet speed, quiet place without distractions, tidy space in camera view, room to stand and move, paper or journal, pen and oil pastels or crayons