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Gifts to Nadine Hoover

Donations make Nadine's work for peace and justice possible!

These gifts go to Conscience Studio and are used to cover Nadine's expenses so she can:

  • Offer Cultures of Peace and Justice training to youth thru adult activists.

  • Speak up for ecological and social peace and justice.
  • Consult and encourage young activists around the world.
  • Publish stories and children's art work to spread the knowledge of peace and justice.
  • Engage in discernment circles around the world to discover new revelation.

Nadine and thousands of people around the world are tremendously grateful for the support that has made this work possible. Thank you!

Materials: Purchase Walking in the World as a Friend or watch these free videos

Donations: Suggested donation $20/session. Please donate as you're able to keep the work alive!