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Walking in the World as a Friend: Essential Quaker Practices

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"What does a Quaker do that makes us a Quaker?" This book offers a few suggestions first discussed at the Quaker Religious Education Committee 2019 conference:

  • Three Key Quaker Roles: Minister-nurturing our inward lives; Steward-shaping our outward lives; and Witness-expressing faith and practice in our public lives, with five accompanying videos
  • Experiences and the Experiment of the Spirit: Convincement, Conviction, and the Conversion of Manners. Quakers experience the Living Spirit that speaks to our human condition in easy and hard times, in every person, every moment, everywhere. Quakers experiment with allowing the Spirit to shape and guide our daily lives through our human faculties of love, conscience and discernment, with three accompanying videos
  • Religious Society of Friends: Essential Quaker Structures. The Spirit transforms individuals tested by their community, who test other communities to reveal societal guidance that shapes the lives of individuals, creating a regenerative ecology of practice, with seven accompanying videos.

Quaker Religious Education Committee leaders comment:

  • This book and video series "encourages Friends to move beyond?a cognitive faith into an experiential, everyday, in-every-way kind of Quaker faith-- walking in this world as a Friend." ~ Beth Collea
  • Amazing work capturing the true essence of Quakerism in words that speak across various experiences- radical, unsettling, real. I like the insistence that talking about it is not the same as experiencing it. ~ Marty Grundy
  • This is profound, brilliant work. ~ Sita Diehl

Author: Nadine C Hoover
Language: English
Type: Paperback
Length: 72 pages
Dimensions: H: 9" x W: 6"
Publisher: Conscience Studio
Published Date: September 1, 2020
ISBN-13: 978-0-9828492-7-9