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Companion Group Workshop

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To learn the practice of Companion Groups and practice the skills of being a Good Companion.

This English-Language workshop refreshes active practitioners, strengthens new groups and orients newcomers. Participants find these practices revitalize their spiritual lives, communities and witness.

Materials: Handouts, watch these free videos or optioally you may purchase Walking in the World as a Friend

Register for Zoom link: For your Zoom link register at: https://bit.ly/3g8lt8T

Facilitators: Nadine Hoover, Joann Neuroth, Cassie Cammann and Mark Hoover

Ongoing Training: in March, July and November on Friday evenings in North America and Sat mornings in Asia:

2021: July 16/17 & Nov 12/13 (N Am/Asia West Pacific)

2022: March 11/12, July 15/16 & Nov 11/12 (N Am/Asia West Pacific)

Friday, 7:00 - 10pm Eastern USA

July Fri/Sat start: 4p Pacific, 7a Manila, 9a Sydney, 11a Auckland

Nov & April Fri/Sat start: 4p Pacific, 8a Manila, 11a Sydney, 1p Auckland

What are Companion Groups? People who meet as companions. 2-4 members who are mutually committed to experimenting with being inwardly guided -- by the Living Spirit, Transforming Power or love and conscience, as expressed in their own words -- to change and shape their lives. Groups meet regularly, every 1-3 weeks for 1-2 hours.

Who attends this workshop?
Participants come from many:

  • Backgrounds: peace and justice movements; Quaker Meetings and other religious, interfaith, community or counseling groups
  • Locations: USA from east to west coasts, Asia and open to others
  • Ages: Typically teens through adults but interested pre-teens are welcome

Some or all of your companion group members are encouraged to attend. Individuals may attend to learn about this practice to start a new companion group.

Who facilitates this workshop?

Facilitators are participating in their own companion groups and organizing local community gatherings of companion groups for discernment in their area. (Facilitators team build two weeks before this workshop)

What are local communities gathering of companion groups for discernment?

Companion groups are self-organizing and administering. Multiple groups in a local area are encouraged to gather two months after this Companion Group Workshop to hear how the groups in their area: 1) approach this practice and what is arising among them. 2) exchange reflection and feedback and 3) rearrange groups and membership, valuing both short-term and long-standing groups.